Regenerative communities

When people live and work together from a place of unified vision, purpose with the means of respectful and inclusive interaction it is possible to live affordably, increase social connections, regenerate the ecology and develop stronger culture.

Regenerative communities can be ecovillages, cohousing, small scale land share, co-living with formal house sharing in various forms. While different in details the unifying similarity is the purpose to share lives in some capacity or another.

All around the world people experience increasing housing costs and economic instability, social disconnection and poor health, degraded landscapes and ecology, and loss of cultural ties and traditions. At the heart of many is a sense there is something wrong with the foundations of our modern way of living. Regenerative communities offer tried and true solutions.

Co-Creating Community was formed by Djason Hilder from decades of researching intentional communities and practical experience of the communal life. The organisation aims to practice co-creative development of regenerative communities near and far… together.

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