First weekly online session on identifying your own personal collaborative living dream went well.

Tonight a group of people interested in forming a collaborative living arrangement attended the first of a series of information sessions. We went through a process to identify what each person imagines their dream community to look, sound like, where is it, who it is with and some of the activities that occur there. While there was interest to share, the invitation is to stay with the dreaming for a bit longer to let it build and become clearer.

Next week we will be offering space for each person to share their dream with the group and learn processes to build a group vision.

The following weeks we will cover

  • Legal & financial aspects
  • Meetings, governance, membership
  • The tricky one…. managing differences of opinion
  • What does sharing and caring mean to you in your community
  • Planning process
  • Finding and developing relationships with professionals who can assist the process

If you are interested to attend this is a really affordable way ($5/week) to work through the steps and build your dream.

Register here

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