I have seen homelessness in the community I live in and each time I go to the nearby towns it is evident in many towns. It shocks and always drives me to question… what can I do?

Well from the years of research I can see Cohousing and Ecovillages are an obvious solution.

Over many months I have been working with the founders of Housing Older Women Movement (HOW) to support communities of women form and collectively work out what they want for their future home lives and then find housing. The complete opposite approach to social housing providers and governments.

They have put together the video above sharing 4  women’s stories who represent many, many others.

We are coming together in September for a two day workshop to seed the foundations of communities – co-created by the women themselves. This is an inspiring approach and one that I am honoured to support.

The workshop is in Brisbane at the Relaxation Centre and the event details are listed here.

If you or others are interested to attend please register. The contact details for those involved is listed on the event page too.

This workshop is about solutions day 1 after the workshop… for these women homelessness is real that day and the next and the next.