No venture is successful without collaborative efforts of many. ‘Co-creating Community’ has working relationships with individuals and groups across a diverse network of industries offering professional services.

Rowan Blizzard and Darren Finlay of Innovation House are based in Townsville and their organsiation offers innovative building & land designs that support people to live communally while also adding a suite of Eco-sustainable technologies and options. A discussion with them is likely to put options on the table you may have never thought of.

Shane Sylvanspring founded Planning Sustainable Solutions and is an environmental and social activist and professional town planner who is passionate about eco-living and intentional communities. He has supported a number of groups throughout NSW successfully meet planning requirements and implement their collaborative community.

Jason is an Ambassador and Community consultant for GEN Australia which is focused upon growing the community of empowered communities throughout Australia. GEN Australia is the local chapter of the Global Ecovillage Network which is a connection of 10,000 communities throughout the world.

‘Co-creating Community’ is supported by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme offered through the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment and mentoring from Sarina Russo.

We are grateful for this support and mentorship from these organisations.

Professionals within the collaborative community movement
Megan and Charlie

Megan and Charlie are teachers and builders of Air-Crete domes and help people all over Australia to achieve an affordable home that they can build themselves. Time spent with them is always full of laughs and practical experience about building the dome way.

Dan Vanderhoek from EcoConvos is a Gypmie Estate Agent and a great interviewer with a passion for sustainable ways of living and helping people to add their resources and collectively buy land to achieve their dreams. Check out Dan’s diverse podcasts on his website.

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