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Co-Working Spaces

Supporting people to live well in regenerative communities in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Mary Valley


Co-creating a network of co-working spaces in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Mary Valley that provide members access to all of the sites with the ability to work in beautiful surroundings nearby their home and rotate to other centres in the region. In doing so people build community connections, offer a greater diversity of services in rural areas, reduce global emissions and improve local economies.

Once upon a time people commuted from home to a workplace to spend the day with others who did the same. With the challenges of modern world many people have either had to work remotely from home or find others ways to be employed such as building a whole new business for themselves online.

Enter… Co-working spaces.

This is usually a building that offers comfortable desk spaces, office equipment, high speed internet, meeting rooms and sometimes reception services to individuals and groups. It is located nearby where people live so they can walk or ride bikes to work. With the rise in people relocating to rural areas and working remotely there is a an increased need for co-working spaces.


In any of the co-working spaces members can expect to have:

  • A hot desk for the day or multiple days in a package, or
  • A designated desk for weekly, monthly or yearly periods, or
  • A designated office space for weekly, monthly or yearly periods, and
  • A meeting room
  • Kitchenette and lunch room facilities


The intention is to provide spaces initially in:

  • Crystal Waters, Conondale
  • Maleny
  • and then explore other locations on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and Mary Valley such as Kenilworth and Mapleton


To meet the current demand the spaces are planned for:

  • CW – Feb 2022
  • Maleny – Mar 22
  • Other Mary Valley towns according to interest.


  • Co-workers can rent desk spaces per day, per week and longer term

Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters has recently had high speed fibre optic cable internet installed in the community and has a number of professional residents working remotely so is a sensible starting point within the Valley to provide this service.

In keeping with Crystal Waters Permaculture philosophy, the intention is to build a structure that is in harmony with the environment and has passive solar design for summer cooling and winter warming. This would be built near the Village Green so that members can easily interact with the community and interconnect with the existing services and infrastructure

As a pilot to explore the viability, it is suggested to hire and install a standard site office for the main building and open the facility for both visitors and residents for 6 months to test how it goes. Collectively members once using the space can cocreate the design and location of the future building.

This service would be in keeping with the Crystal Waters Co-operative intention to invite social enterprises and local businesses to lease spaces and increase the interconnection of the community using the Village Green space.


    With the recent closure of the Maleny Treehouse coworking space on Coral St, there is currently is a need for another facility where locals can do what they did before just in another location.

    A possibility is similar to Crystal Waters, arrange a lease with the owners of 22 Coral St and hire and install a temporary site office on the land. This provides an immediate solution and allows for the members to cocreate a longer term solution.

      Next Steps

      • To research the demand, office needs and affordability for coworking spaces in both Crystal Waters and Maleny
      • Develop a business case for each location
      • Search and setup the locations
      • Setup the membership processes for easy bookings

      Who is Involved

      Jason Hilder

      A passionate advocate for all things co-creative and consciously chooses to share resources. He is inviting others to build co-working spaces that offer viable solutions for people living in the region.

      Co-Creator Opportunity

      Could you be a co-creator in building a co-working space near your home?

      It is reasonably easy to organise and build a co-working space. If so please make contact with Jason on and let’s make a start on building the service.

      Funding Opportunity

      Do you have resources to invest to make these projects happen?

      You can invest as a an involved business partner or business angel depending on your time availability and interest.

      You can also support it and other projects via donating with the link below.

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