The need for collaborative living is growing so we are continually improving our services to support people achieve their dreams.

Seminars and Workshops
  • Online modular information seminars – Weekly 90 minute sessions over 8 weeks for those who are time or location constrained yet are still committed. Sessions for previous attendees are here.
  • Forming community basics – One day workshops co-create a group vision and identify the steps to make it happen.
  • Ecovillage Design Education – In partnership with GEN Australia colleagues we are currently co-creating a 7 day immersion in community development based upon the 30 day internship program tailored for Australian conditions.
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Social architecture
  • Community visioning and developing a plan for implementation
  • Assessing what’s possible with the resources available
  • Strategies for managing differences of opinion and conflicts
Project consultation
  • Reviewing the stage of community development to identify the progress already made and what elements are missing or need improvement
Research and report writing
  • Auditing the social, ecological, economic and cultural aspects of the community to assist with future planning
  • Research for project proposals
  • Case studies of existing communities
  • Journal publications and mainstream media articles
Exchange options

The above services are offered at the rate of :

  • For corporate firms – AU$150 per hour
  • For individuals, community groups and not-for-profit organisations – AU$120
  • Purchasing 4 hour blocks allows 10% discount and can be used at future dates in 1 hour slots
  • Public and industry presentations are charged at $300 per session (depending on the event time)

Online seminars and workshops fees are listed in the booking page for each event.

As the organisation is a progressive organisation we will also offer other means for payment including Cryptocurrency coming soon.

These fees also make it possible for us to offer Pro-Bono to groups who may be challenged to afford it yet need the help.

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